Recreating companies through games


Gamification is the use of games mechanics with the goal of solving practical issues or to engaging a specific audience. More frequently, this technique has been applied on several different fields such as health, education, public policies, and sports.
Examples of where it can be applied:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Training and learning of new technologies
  • Behavior
  • Decrease the negative effects of repetitive and tedious tasks


Ysmar Vianna

With an extensive academic career, he was a pioneer in computing in Brazil, and participated as an instructor to Coppe / UFRJ to the first computer facility at the University, in 1967. He has created the course Informatics UFRJ, and was Head and Director of the Department of Computer Science at NCF / UFRJ.

Maurício Vianna

Master in computer sciences at ITT- Illinois Institute of Technology (1992) and PhD in computer science at ITT (1995). He has worked as a Consultant for the Chicago Board of Trade Clearing Co. (USA) Performance Computing Inc. (USA), Miller&Fairchild Inc. (USA), R & R Donnelley (USA), Banco Boavista, Secretaria Municipal de Finanças do Rio de Janeiro. He has several technical papers published in international conferences IEEE and ACM, in the ​​object orientation and database area.

Bruno Medina

Head of the Gamification iniciative at MJV. Graduated in Marketing at PUC-RJ, was a member of the music band Los Hermanos, worked at Multishow channel developing new TV formats and has worked with various print publications such as O Globo, Jornal do Brasil and Trip magazine.

Samara Tanaka

Integrated Design Master from Köln International School of Design (2011), graduated in design by ESDI / Uerj (2004), worked with design graphic, design information publishing and interaction in Tecnopop, OEstudio, / Osklen, Flashpoint (USA). She is currently a consultant for strategic innovation to MJV.

MJV Technology and Innovation is a global consulting firm. We use Design Thinking and Gamification approaches to create innovative solutions to our clients. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and London, we have a multidisciplinary team of over 300 employees.


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This book presents steps, tools and techniques, illustrated through genuinely Brazilian cases, to inspire and assist in the endeavor towards innovation.